I'm originally from the US but now live and work in the UK. I have a love of YA, children's and illustrated books, and am fortunate enough to work in children's publishing. I started this blog in order to get more involved with trade publishing and keep up with everything. But now that I'm working in the middle of that, I thought I would turn my attention to one of the more ignored subjects in children's publishing: books translated into English.

The duration of my career in publishing has been involved with foreign rights. That is, I help with getting books translated from English into different languages for different markets. It's always exciting seeing foreign edition of our books, and most of our books do make it into at least one other language (if not fifty). Unfortunately, despite being brilliant at getting our content into other markets, we're a bit pathetic at bringing it into our own. Only about 3% of all books published in the UK are translated from another language.

My hope is that eventually this percentage will rise, and children will have a greater range of books with diversity, different cultures and not miss out on great stories from other parts of the world. So this blog will have the occasional post about children's books in translation, be it a review or a bit of insight into how this part of publishing works.

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